Beating Seasickness

One of the best forms of cure for seasickness when sailing a sailboat is for the skipper to give up the helm to the ailing crew member. Strange and unnatural as it may seem this will usually work within 3-4 minutes. Why? Well you’ve always heard that a seasick person should concentrate on the horizon […]

Why the crew course?

We wrote the crew course because of quite a few instances when running my sailing company. Often a spouse of a member would call up and ask for private lessons with out her husband on board. And so becoming a marriage counselor seemed to be part of the job. Actually it really turns out to […]

Skippering a Sailboat

This is the first blog post for the Skipper course and we encourage everyone to post their comments about general leadership, operations of a modern sailboat and general learning to sail topics. Also feel free to let us know about the NauticEd Skipper Course and it can be improved and expanded. My first comment and […]