NauticEd Releases a Fun, Exciting, Fictional, and Educational Sailing Book for Kids

“A sailboat!” yelped Alex with glee as he uncovered his eyes and gazed upon a shiny dinghy sailboat sitting proud on a trailer in the garage. Alex’s dad was happily standing next to him with his arm over his shoulder. “Happy Birthday, Son,” he said, “he’s all yours now.” That’s the opening two paragraphs in […]

Headsail funnels the wind

This animation shows how a head sail will funnel the wind on the back side of the mainsail and thus allowing the mainsail to be hauled in tighter with out the wind stalling behind the mainsail. This allows the boat to head further upwind. You can see that when we remove the headsail the mainsail […]

Dinghy Sailing eLearning

NauticEd will be launching it’s second Dinghy sailing lesson soon. It’ll be available via iBooks on the Apple iTunes store. For now, I’m posting a fun interactive eLearning Sailing animation to teach kids the parts of the sailboat which will be embedded into the iBook. (The first lesson was a fiction ebook and is posted […]