When to reef a sailboat

While all sailboat designs are different and will sail optimally at different heel angles and reef points, there are a few generalities that we’ll cover in this sailing blog. General reefing point number 1 through infinity: Don’t scare the beegeebees out of those on board by heeling the boat over too much. While you may […]

Twist in the mainsail

Here is a question from a student regarding letting out the main traveller in a gust. I referred them to this post http://www.nauticed.org/blog/sailtrim/stopping-rounding-up-dead-in-it’s-tracks/ which talks about moving the traveller upwind and letting out onthe mainsheet to increase twist at the top of the sail and thus reducing the forces aloft. >>>>>>>> Greetings from Northern Michigan […]

Yacht Club Intelligence: NauticEd Sailing School Press Release

Imagine if you could just hang out at the yacht club every day – how much you’d learn from everyone. That’d be cool. Well … now you can! It’s a very cool piece of technology we just installed on the NauticEd site. It’s called DisQus and the concept is based on crowd intelligence. It shows […]

Press Release – NauticEd Releases Captain’s Rank

Today, NauticEd Online Sailing School announced its release of the NauticEd Captain’s Rank. This coincides with the posting of the NauticEd Safety at Sea Clinic which is the final required course to attain the Sailing Certification Rank. The NauticEd Captain’s Rank focuses entirely on sailboat operations both near shore and offshore and is directed specifically […]

Save Big on NauticEd Courses and Clinics

Hooowa – said Al Pacino in the movie Sent of a Woman. We recently launched a new Sailing Courses and Clincs Page. The first thing you’ll notice is that we have Bundled the Courses and Clinics into their respective Ranks. So now you can buy the Skipper Bundle which contains the Skipper Course Maneuvering Under […]

Day 4 of Introduction to NauticEd

This is day 4 of 6 in your introduction to NauticEd International Sailing School. Watch the video and/or read the text below. Today we’ll help you discover which courses are best suited for you personally. We developed a series of 11 quick questions that will easily eliminate any confusion about which course you should be […]