Rubrics Assessment App for Instructors-Assessors

Rubrics Assessment App

NauticEd has launched a new Rubrics Assessment App for our sailing Instructor-Assessors. The app serves to give NauticEd Instructor-Assessors a free tool to determine the true competency of a student’s on-the-water sailing and boating skills.

This App and the associated Rubrics represent a A VERY BIG ADVANCEMENT in sailing training and competence determination worldwide. It means that Instructors/Assessors now have a very user friendly and powerful tool to help determine and assess proper practical competency. To many times instructors get pressured into passing a student despite poor demonstration of competence because the only alternative has been to “fail” the student. NauticEd along with the US Coast Guard has taken a serious stance against this “false passing”. NauticEd’s serious financial and system investment in this App is a testament to promoting TRUE COMPETENCE. One thing we all know is that the students themselves want to be competent – they want to be safe on the water and it serves no one to issue a certificate to someone who is not fully competent. It is shame on the instructor and shame on the associations that promote (or let slide) this kind of passing when passing is not due. Not on our watch!

The iOS link is

The Android version is here:


Here is an introductory video showing how to use the app and its features.

The current Rubics that are loaded into the App are:

  • Skipper Small Keelboat
  • Skipper Large Keelboat
  • Bareboat Charter Master – Sail (ICC & SLC)
  • Catamaran – Sail

Coming is Offshore Captain – Sail, Skipper Small Powerboat, Skipper Large Powerboat, and Bareboat Charter Master – Power (ICC & SLC)


NauticEd is recognized by the US Coast Guard as producing the Nationally Recognized On The Water Sailing Endorsement course. This course conforms to the American National Standard, EDU 3 – Skills Based Sailboat Standard for sailing training and assessment.

EDU-3 Approval
EDU-3 Approval Seal


The rubrics assessment app conforms to the education standards as required by the US Coast Guard in EDU-3. It is not only ground breaking in sailing education but exceeds any rubrics app for any type of practical training program.

By implementing this app and the rubrics system, students can feel confident that when a certificate of competence is awarded by an instructor/assessor, it is because the student deserves the recognition of true competence.

@ Instructors/Assessors, please enjoy using this app out on the water with your students.

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