Provisioning & BVI Charters With Sunsail

Several months ago we chartered BVI but were not looking forward to the cab ride and shopping trip to provision our boat.  We decided to try the provisioning program offered by Sunsail.  Our assumptions were that we would usually eat breakfast on the boat (except for the first day at the marina),  60% of our lunch meals and 30% of our evening meals on board.  Your order must be placed at least 7 days prior to arrival.  The cost of a 3 meal day is less than you would pay for one meal at a nice onshore restaurant.  The stock list can be viewed at

I would highly recommend this option as it completely eliminates the need for provisioning the boat prior to departure, represents a great value, and the food was fresh and nutritious.

Prepared meals are also an option; the meals are frozen and include local dishes.

Other tips that we would recommend include provisioning with an average 1 liter of water per person, per day is a good guideline to work on. Soft fruit such as bananas, avocado and pineapple will ripen quicker in the heat than citrus fruits. Bread can be preserved for 2/3 days. Please bear in mind that goods will not stay fresh indefinitely, and that storage space may be limited. Pay attention to the quantity of frozen products ordered, because there is no freezer on board.

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