Predicting the Wind and Weather

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  • What if you could know the wind and weather tomorrow to determine if it would be a good day sailing?
  • What about if you could predict if dangerous thunderstorms were likely to form?
  • How about if you could accurately predict the weather over the next week to determine if a long-distance trip was viable.
  • Or what if you could know the most efficient headings at any one time to create the fastest route across an ocean.

All that would be pretty cool – right?

Well, welcome to the 21st century! And welcome to the Predict Wind App!

Predict wind is a company that has gathered all the top weather prediction model information and presented the information in a super user-friendly manner onto your mobile device and on your computer.

What that means is that you can have your cake and eat it too. It means that in one place you can find present conditions and predictions for just about anything you need weather-wise including ocean currents and swells.

What is a Weather Model?

Pretty simple! It is a software program that takes the current conditions of the weather and then based on other known parameters like landmass and shape, temperature, frontal systems and anything you can think of that might affect the weather, then the software program makes a prediction of the coming weather. The software program constantly updates its predictions based on the new current conditions as time progresses. Over time the models become more and more accurate because the meteorologists observe what actually happened vs. their predictions. They then refine the software. We say “simple” but there are probably millions (and millions) of lines of software code in the model. There are lots of different models that have been written by various groups around the world and each model will obviously predict slightly differently because the software is different and the meteorologists who help write the software have different ideas about what happens from an initial set of conditions.

For more infomation of the various type of models see this help site on predict wind.

What Does a Prediction Look Like?

This is the strength of Predict Wind. The display of information comes in many forms to help the user (you) gain the best information the fastest.

The Daily briefing is a quick snap shot of what to expect. Here is a shot of Tuesday morning in the BVI.

You can also run video animations of the coming conditions over the next week. In this video you can see the wind direction and strength (denoted by the color key at the bottom of the video) in the Caribbean.

Or you can get a Table view of the next week. Here is Auckland New Zealand over the next few days.

Anywhere in the world, you can get an accurate picture of what the weather is doing and what it is highly likely to do.

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