NauticEd talks to hot new sailing app savvy navvy

Talk about NauticEd disrupting the Sailing Education industry, here is a new navigation app that’s making similar waves and it’s very cool. Introducing savvy navvy, the startup working to build the best navigation solution for sailors worldwide. Their mission? To make navigation safer, easier and more convenient for sailors around the globe, making sailing more […]

2019 Sailing Opportunities

As part of the NauticEd experience, we offer a variety of sailing adventure, vacation, training, and cruising opportunities. Whether you’re looking to bareboat charter, build miles for your sailing resume, take a cabin charter, obtain your Mediterranean sailing license, take a vacation with a captain, join a flotilla, receive training while vacationing, or experience a […]

NauticEd November 2019 Puerto Rico & Spanish Virgin Islands Flotilla

Turkey always tastes better in the warm waters of the Caribbean.  Scratch that.  This Thanksgiving we’re having seafood! Mahi Mahi, anyone? Join the NauticEd November 2019 Puerto Rico & Spanish Islands Flotilla! For more information or to make a reservation, contact PUERTO RICO & THE SPANISH VIRGIN ISLANDS   November 23-30, 2019 Discover the […]

Tide Calculation Pop Quiz

Here’s is a quick few tidal problems for you to solve You’re heading up the coast to Beagles Harbor on June 21st for the weekend. See the Chart Section below. From the tide charts, you know that Beagle sound follows a semi-diurnal tidal flow. (1) What is the water depth at point Z at 0800, 1015, […]