Navigation Rules Hybrid Paper/eBook

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Learn the Rules of the Nautical Road in the most high-tech/low-tech manner possible. Huh?

We’re excited to release our new first hybrid paper/eBook 92 pages long in full color.

It’s a real paper book that comes alive with video and animations. It serves as an excellent paper book resource for your boat. When you have you mobile device with you – the book will come alive.

View it here:

OR view on create space

Navigation Rules BookFirst we struggled, why release a paper book when NauticEd is the World’s Most Advanced Sailing Education and Sailing Certification company? How can you view a video or animation on paper? The answer became simple once we put on our thinking hats – use an App so that it can scan a QR Code  inside the book where we want to explain a concept better with a multimedia element. So now here is the book – available on

(Note the image shows a hardback book – it is really a softback book but professionally bound by createspace (an Amazon company) and available as a print on demand book).

Tap the image to download the first 7 pages of this hybrid book.

Here is how a hybrid Paper/eBook works: The book is like any other paper book with images and text. BUT … with any QR code Reader App or our new (FREE)  NauticEd App (coming in a few days) the paper book comes alive  in certain places. In the NauticEd App, we built in a QR Scan code function. Or you can use any QR Reader App on any device. As an example, throughout the book you will see QR codes like this to the right.  Scan it now with any QR Code reader or the NauticEd App.

QR Code Example in the Navigation Rules hybrid book
QR Code Example in the Navigation Rules hybrid book

To get a QR Reader – For Android go here: For iOS go here after Feb 15th 2015: Note – wait for the new App release otherwise use this one:

When you scan any QR code the book element comes alive through your mobile device. Otherwise – the book is a stand alone excellent explanation of the Rules of the Nautical road and is a good and quick easy read. But with the addition of scanning the QR Codes, you’re going to light up with all the fun of a hybrid Paper/eBook.

Order from Createspace NOW.

If you think this is pretty cool  please LIKE it on facebook or g+1

NauticEd – yet again, bringing amazing technology to Sailing Education!

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