NauticEd 2021 Plans

From Grant Headifen – Global Director of Education

Whatever your prediction, 2021 is going to be different than 2020. Hopefully, it will bring some normalcy back to our lives. But, there will be a new normal.

For NauticEd, 2021 brings in the 21st century even more so. eLearning is up – way up. This time last year Zoom stock was at $73 – it now sits at $363. A $50k investment then would have turned into $¼ million now. Ahhhh hindsight. Or “-20/+20 vision” — meaning to use the past to predict the future.

I think we all know that it’s not hard to predict the future when it comes to eLearning and digital marketing. Demand and expectations will continue to increase.

We started on this venture of modernizing education in the sailing and boating industry 14 years ago. In that time NauticEd has become the world’s expert and leading company in this space. While other companies may try to follow, they will fall short. You can’t just launch an eLearning platform for an intense hands-on activity like boating. It takes serious integration between theory, experience, and practical training. I’m incredibly proud of what we have produced and incredibly grateful to all those who believe in the mission and have contributed their time and brainpower to make what NauticEd is today – and tomorrow.

Meet the NauticEd Team of highly dedicated individuals who make this all happen.

NauticEd has pretty big plans for 2021 and we invite you to fully engage with us for the ride.

  • “Yes you get a certificate” – We’ve clarified the Certificate produced for students depending on their demonstrated competence. From Basic Introduction certificates to Offshore Captain, when someone demonstrates competence, they get the appropriate certificate.
Certificate of Sailing Competence
Certificate of Sailing Competence
  • New Courses – we’re launching a short basic highly interactive sailing eCourse Basic Introduction to Sailing to wet the appetite of those completely new to sailing and give them an easy path to a Basic Introduction to Sailing Certificate. Last year’s new course was the highly successful Yacht Charter Crew Course.
  • eLearning Quality focus. We’ll be launching new 3D images and animations. We focus on feedback from students to find any areas in the courses where certain concepts can be further elaborated to increase understanding.
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Animations and mathematics are a priority. Late last year we launched the new NED the sail trim simulator. Instructors can bookmark and use this as a tool on the boat to make a difficult concept for some very easy.

NED – the sail trim simulator

Keep an eye out for our Rule of Twelves Calculator coming soon

Rule of Twelves Auto Calculator
  • Youth – we are launching a youth-friendly site to bring in tomorrow’s sailors
  • Goals Focus – we’re launching shortly a new initiative to focus on learning the goals of a potential student so that their experience can be customized to exactly what they want. We don’t do one size fits all, this is not a McCertification company.
  • Who is NauticEd? We’ve launched a new campaign to help prospective students gain an appreciation for NauticEd’s expertise, technology, and market dominance in the 21st century of sailing education. See the student guide here.
  • Alliances – We’re creating stronger alliances with major companies. Our latest is with Predict Wind. All students who have invested in any of the Skipper Courses, the Bareboat Charter course or the Weather Course now have access to 3 free months of the professional version of the Predict Wind App.

    Predict Wind is the market leader in weather prediction. All students and instructors get a free 3-month subscription to the Predict Wind App. Info about this is embedded into the NauticEd Skipper Courses as well as the Bareboat Charter Course and the Weather Course. Go to the official announcement of this alliance.
  • Student Learning Focus – we listen. When students have difficulty with a concept we can immediately adjust the course to explain a concept further. In our Coastal Navigation Course we just added 12 current rate and direction additional exercises to help the student understand plotting a course with a known flow rate of current and known direction.

We look forward to serving you in 2021. Jump in now and get two free online sailing courses from NauticEd – the sailing training experts for both practical training and theory knowledge.

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