Leaving the slip or end tie

Well that concludes the series on how to leave the slip or an end tie in every different wind condition in a sailboat. You learned how to use a spring line to get clear of other boats and you learned how to maneuver the boat with, against and sideways to the wind in the marina.

The really tricky part as with getting the plane safely on the ground when flying is getting your boat back into the slip with out any scratches on your boat or any one elses. We’re going to leave all the secrets of this up to the Maneuvering a sailboat under Power clinic and the Skipper course. Needless to say that there are tips in there that wil save the cost of the course over and over and make you look good in front of all the people in the marina when docking.

Please enjoy the Skipper Course or the Maneuvering a sailboat under power online sailing instruction courses.

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