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NauticEd is hosting a family-friendly flotilla to Central Dalmatia, Croatia in June 2022.

It’s time to celebrate the end of the lockdown. 

Last year’s similar flotilla was so successful we have decided to repeat it and make this an annual event. This was the end of the trip photo.

2021 family flotilla to croatia


Questions?  Want to join?  See below and then contact Lauren@nauticed.org (512) 696-1070.


  • Sat, June 18 – Sat, June 25th


We welcome all, sailors and non-sailors alike.  There are 3 main ways to join

  • bareboat charter with you as skipper (friends and family can be crew)
  • bareboat charter with hired skipper (friends and family can join in on as much sailing as desired)
  • shared boat – cabin charter  (perfect for solos or couples traveling)


The NauticEd Family Friendly Flotilla will focus the fun and adventure on the Central Dalmatia Islands starting and ending the flotilla in the Split/Trogir area of Croatia.   This is the most popular sailing region in Croatia.


  • Day 1—Seget Donji (Trogir/Split)
  • Day 2—Solta
  • Day 3—Vis
  • Day 4—Komiza/Bisevo
  • Day 5—Hvar
  • Day 6—Milna
  • Day 7—Seget Donji

See this interactive map below. Tap the top right slide-out button to see the itinerary locations and routes.

More details, maps, and optional activities are forthcoming once you join us.


The Dalmatian coast is a great area for sailing as well as exploring the ancient cities, beaches, and hidden bays and coves.  There are plenty of activities on the water and off the water for travelers of all ages.  We will do a variety of overnight stays including med mooring in a marina, mooring balls, and anchoring in quiet bays.  

What is a family-friendly flotilla?

This is a casual flotilla without a ‘theme.’ This is NOT an adult-only flotilla, a party yacht week, or a flotilla focusing solely on hiking or wines or yoga.  We’re laid back and run our flotillas that way.  We like to do a variety of activities both on the water and on the land.  We usually have families with kids ranging in ages that join us.  

The NauticEd team are experts at charters—we will provide pre-charter advice, set the course and itinerary and include recommendations on things to do and see.  We’ll provide options for moorings (marinas, mooring balls, or perhaps you prefer to anchor under the stars) as well as optional activities along the way.  We will be there for any questions you might have.  We will send out a guide with itinerary and details ahead of the charter.  During the week, we use What’sApp to communicate daily plans, reminders and get-togethers. Of course, you’re welcome to explore as you see fit.   There is a no ducks in a row mentality; a flotilla offers you independence with peace of mind as well as fun and camaraderie with other flotilla sailors.

Our seasoned flotilla leader, Kristel – who is also a part-time professional standup comedian, will lead the flotilla.  She is highly knowledgeable of the area and the local attractions.

croatia arial picBoats & Pricing

Rent the entire boat:

For rental of the entire boat (bareboat or skippered):    You pick the boat from our available list of Monohulls and Catamarans and fill it with your friends and family.    These all are newer boats.  The catamarans all have air conditioning.   A few monohulls can be added based on your requirements.  The boats can be reserved for bareboat or bareboat with a professional skipper.  A sailing license is required for skippering in Croatian waters. If you do not have a sailing license, then hiring a skipper will be mandatory.  We can arrange a skipper for you.  A hired skipper does require a cabin; in some boat layouts, they can sleep in a forepeak. If you are an experienced sailor, NauticEd can arrange a sailing license for you in order to skipper the boat yourself. Catamaran boat prices range from $9000.  Monohulls from $5500. These prices do not include provisioning, security deposit reduction, water toys, tourist tax, mooring fees, or fuel. 

Rent a cabin

We have one 4-cabin catamaran designated as a “by-the-cabin” meaning you just pay for 1/4 cabin space. Cabins are suitable for 2 persons.  Price (all inclusive of food kitty, water toys, mooring fees, fuel, professional skipper, and boat rental) is $4500 per cabin.

Other additional costs may include

    • Travel or accommodations before or after the flotilla
    • Any excursions or activities on-the-water or on land (ex: guided tour, beach umbrella, wine tasting, dinners ashore)
    • NauticEd Welcome Dinner (optional) (approx. €50 per person (less for kids))

Qualifications to Bareboat Charter

Licenses.  To bareboat charter a yacht in Croatia, you must have an appropriate sailing license.  There are several accepted licenses including the ICC, and the NauticEd SLC.  If you are unsure if you qualify, please ask us and we can assist.  If you have experience but do not have a license, visit www.nauticed.org/SLC or contact NauticEd today.  Without a doubt, you should be competent at Mediterranean Mooring and have significant sailing experience in your resume.

‘Home” Base & Travel Information

We will be embarking and disembarking from Trogir (near split).  The boats are located in the Seget Donji Marina in Trogir. You can fly direct to Split airport with many carriers (airport code SPU).  The marina is just 20 minutes away from Split International Airport.  From the airport, you can take a taxi, Uber, or public transportation to the marina.

Many people choose to explore other parts of Croatia before or after the sailing vacation.

  • Dubrovnik—The distance from Split to Dubrovnik is approximately 230km or a very spectacular 3.5 hour drive away and well worth it. In reality it will take 6 hours because of the awesome stops along the way. Dubrovnik also has an international airport (code DBV)
  • Zadar—The distance from Split to Zadar is approximately 159km or a 1 hr, 45 minute drive away. Zadar airport code is ZAD.
  • Zagreb—Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It has the largest airport in Croatia (code ZAG).  It is approximately a 6-7 hr train ride away from Split.


For more information or to reserve a boat in the flotilla, please contact Lauren@nauticed.org (512) 696-1070.  

2022 Family Croatia Flotilla

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