First Bareboat charter blog post

Bare baot charter in Belize
Bare boat charter in Belize

Welcome to the Bareboat charter blog. Please feel free to add anything relating to chartering a boat. Stories, where you went, what you liked, or how can we improve the charter clinic?

Places I’ve chartered?

St. Marteen, Greece, Corsica, New Zealand, Croatia, British Virgin Islands, St barts, St kitts, Grenada, St. Lucia, Guadaloupe Islands, The Solent.

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  1. The Bareboat Charter Clinic on-line course was full of very important and relevant information, however as a new sailor I feel that adding a chapter on unexpected weather (suggestions on when/where to anchor and how to prepare your boat for heavy weather while on your charter) would be beneficial. As always the course was interesting and entertaining. I enjoy the anecdotal advice.

  2. Thanks Kimberly for the post and you’re right – we’ll try to upgrade the course to discuss weather. In the next few days we’re launching the weather clinic which will help understand cloud meanings and weather maps. In the mean time make sure that anchor has plenty of scope and that your swing room is plenty – ie you could do a full 360 in the middle of the night and bumping against the shore is bad if you didn’t allow for swing. You also have to take the tide into account if the tide goes out your swing will increase, tide coming in decreases your scope and thus your holding power. I usually dive the anchor to make sure it is hooked in good and tight. Also look for wind swings and pick your cove/anchorage with respect to changing conditions.

    People say a lee shore is bad but the one advantage is that (if the bottom slope is gradual) then if the anchor slips the scope increases and thus holding power increases. So it is more likely to grab and hold the closer you’re blown to shore. But don’t rely on this.

    A shore to windward is bad in this sense because if you slip on the anchor your scope instantly decreases and thus your holding power but there is nothing to immediately hit if you drift but ultimately drifting is bad. Really bad cause you will hit something eventually if not Africa.

    So set set set your anchor and check check check in the middle of the night often often often.

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