Cold Front again

Bamm another cold front right behind the other. And this is what it looks like now as it has moved off into the gulf. However – today is different from yesterday. The sky is completely clear and this is shown by the high pressure over Austin right now. High pressure means air is moving out of the region and being replaced from falling air above bringing dry and clear conditions. Also the wind has dropped off as shown also by the isobars being spread apart near Austin.

Second cold front this morning
Second cold front this morning

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  1. Yesterday a friend called me and said let’s play hooky tomorrow and go sailing (monday). said it was going to be 80 degrees. Since yesterday was 74 deg that was quite believable. I did do a quick check on the weather map and saw another cold front in north Texas. Hmmm I thought! Lets wait and see. Well go up this morning and watched the thermometer drop on my car as I drove our of the garage. It started out at 63 deg then went down to 42 dep as the car got moving down the road. So nah to playing hooky and going sailing.

    Watching the weather map can be very interesting when you understand it.

    After reading the weather clinic I really feel like the information there is great “Weather prediction for Sailors”. It’s invaluable!

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