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I would love for NauticEd to create a course or clinic on how to buy a sailboat and gear. As a novice the idea of buying a boat is scary. It is a big investment and I would like to avoid making rookie mistakes. A few ideas as to what I am looking for in the course: a) comparing the advatages and disatvantages of buying a boat new or used; b) what are things to look for when buying a boat; c) what should be purchased with the boat and what should be purchased aftermarket; d) how deos the brokerage industry work, what are their premiums; e) how do you get a boat purchased far from home delivered to you; f) what is the typical insurance contract and cost on a boat; g) how do you buy sails; h) what to look for in a dingy; i) what electronics to buy and how to buy them; k) choosing a marina or club; l) what to look for in toilets and sanitary systems; m) what to look for in appliances, etc.

If I look at the sailboat’s I think I want, the purchase price is somewhere between $100K and $200K. Before I spend that kind of money, I would happily spend $150 on an in-depth course on the matter.

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  1. Eric,

    What a great idea. We’ll look into it and search for a few qualified authors. Perhaps some of the sailing magazines could write this.

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