RYA Day Skipper with NauticEd

This article helps you figure out the difference between the courses and which one you should invest in. The Difference between RYA Day Skipper and the NauticEd Skipper Course The RYA Day Skipper Course is the prerequisite course to attaining your International Certificate of Competence – the ICC. The ICC is the World’s only Sailing […]

Why a sailing resume trumps a sailing certification

If you think this post is right on the nail please LIKE it via facebook and g+1 it. Thanks, it really helps us grow. A Sailing Resume beats a Sailing Certification It’s obvious when you think about it. It’s like Rock Paper Scissors. Show up to a charter company with a sailing certification and it’s […]

International Certificate of Competence

If you like this post and found it helpful please LIKE it and g+1 it thanks for that it really helps us grow. What is the ICC? Wanting to go sailing in Europe? You’re going to need the International Certificate of Competence (The ICC). The ICC is defined by United Nations Resolution 40 of which […]