Sailing by the Luff

This question was posed to us on our NauticEd Sailing facebook page QUESTION: Well My Uncle invited us out to see the tall ships on parade in Long beach harbor… but we sailed outside the breakwater, then headed back in. At one point I got behind the helm of the boat to get the feel […]

PRESS RELEASE: Boating Safety Technology

Press Release Contact: Grant Headifen                                                            FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 9AM, CST, November 8 , 2012 Ground Breaking Technology – for Boating Safety “John you should meet Joe – he’s a big time sailor” – You’ve heard that plenty of times before – but is Joe really a big time sailor? What’s the gauge? And what about […]

Dinghy Sailing iBook for Kids 8 to 80

PRESS RELEASE: November 1, 2012. NAUTICED “What’s better than a fun electronic kids game on an iPad? Learning to sail a dinghy using the interactive capabilities of an iPad – that’s what!” That’s what NauticEd is saying about their latest iBook “Your first Weekend of Dinghy Sailing”. The 60 page ibook is focused on teaching […]