About Sailing Badges and Status

If you think Badges are a great idea and help people become better sailors, please LIKE this via facebook and g+1 it. Thanks it helps promote safety on the water. Earn Sailing Badges and Status with NauticEd Earn Sailing Badges and Status by doing the right kind of activities on the water. This training system […]

Sailing Badges

Sailing Badges If you like our free sailing badge program please  “LIKE” it – it really helps us grow With the NauticEd Sailing Badges and Status program, you earn Badges based on your specific boating and sailing  related activities. You also earn  Sailing Status based on points you gain from your overall boating activity and […]

How to Earn Sailing Status

Sailing Status With the NauticEd Badges and Sailing Status program you earn Status by the total number of accumulated points you have earned regardless of the Badges you have earned. Learn about the Sailing Badges and Status program. View the Sailing Badges graphics There are 6 Levels of Status. In the real weather reporting world, […]

How to read a polar plot for sailboats

The polar plot is the navigator’s friend. Below is an example for one particular boat for one particular true wind speed. They are published by each manufacturer for each model of boat with their various sail plans. It shows the theoretical attainable speed for a specific sailboat at various wind speeds. It’s easy to read […]

Gybe Boo Boo

The forecast was for 30 gusting to 40 knots and we were set to do race 10 – the final in the series. After Race 9 we were coming first with a 3 point lead. All we had to do was do ok and the series was ours. We were racing on Charmonet a Beneteau […]