Press Release: NauticEd and Safe Passage Sailing To Provide Sailing Adventures

NauticEd announced today that it would begin providing sailing adventures to it’s students via an alliance with Safe Passage Sailing, a San Francisco based sailing adventure company. “This provides super exciting sailing adventure events to get our students out on the water and experience the exhilaration that sailing can bring” said Grant Headifen, Educational Director […]

Press Release – Annapolis Bay Charters becomes NauticEd FlagShip Sailing School

Annapolis Bay Charters becomes NauticEd’s first Flag Ship Practical Sailing School NauticEd announced today that the 30 year old and well respected Charter Sailing Company, Annapolis Bay Charters, would become it’s first Flag Ship Practical Training Sailing School. To date, NauticEd has successfully established itself as The World’s Most Advanced Online Sailing School and provides […]

Sailing Resume – Logbook

Here is a question posted by Nancy KnudsenEditor Sail-World Cruising. Sail-world is one of the largest and respected online sailing news companies ( to NauticEd this week. Followed by our answer. On 1/16/10 6:47 PM, “Nancy Knudsen Cruising Editor Sail-World” <> wrote: Hi Grant I have a question about the sailing certification video you have […]

The NauticEd Sailing Certificate Explained

Here is an explanation of how your NauticEd Sailing certificate will grow with your education and experience. The Certificate is made up of 3 sections. Completed Courses and clinics, Rank and Level achieved and Practical Verification by a sailing school. All registered persons at NauticEd are called students. Every student starts out with a Sailing […]