Trim the main sail

When learning to sail the main thing we’re excited about doing is getting the boat moving, but as we become more advanced, we really want to understand the different forces on the boat and maximize the efficiency. Proper understanding of sail trim can help us achieve that. This post is a good example of exactly […]


That’s the last sound you want to hear when sailing. Now you have to pull the sail down, fold it up, carry it up the dock to the car (it’s heavy) wait for a week day to take into the sail maker, beg for them to fix it fast, pick it up on a week […]

Hello down there

Every now and then you’ve got to do it. Or at least some body does and while I’m still limber enough I was the one elected to go up. The issue was the during the commissioning process on our Beneteau 373, it looks like the set screws holding the extrusions together were not screwed in […]