USCG Captain’s Course

I recently finished my Coast Guard Captain’s license and then further completed my Master Mariner license with a sailing endorsement. I took the course through the Mariners School ( The experience was good. The requirements to get your USCG Captain’s license are extensive so here’s a quick list. About 3 full weekends in class Very […]

Great Skipper Course!

I have been sailing with friends over the past several years and decided that I want to get a lot more serious about learning about sailing.  While I’ve picked up a lot bits and pieces as a “deckie”,  I had very little knowledge of sailing beyond  my topside duties. The NauticEd skipper course was exactly […]

Very Technical

What a difficult course. I read and re-read the material 5 times and still failed the test, several times. I finally passed it on my 4th try. I then took it a 5th time to better my score. The clinic is really worthwhile. I feel I have a good base it what powers a sailboat.

Beating Seasickness

One of the best forms of cure for seasickness when sailing a sailboat is for the skipper to give up the helm to the ailing crew member. Strange and unnatural as it may seem this will usually work within 3-4 minutes. Why? Well you’ve always heard that a seasick person should concentrate on the horizon […]

Weather knowledge

As a ASA & CYA sailing instructor as well as being a delivery skipper I am often surprised by the lack of weather knowledge of sailors at every level and quite frankly feel the level of weather training incorporated into most of the sailing course curriculum is in my opinion fairly superficial. I would be interested […]

These courses and the site are the  greatest virtual education tool for sailing. I would suggest to developer to add actual video’s into the courses particularly the one related to crew, sail trimming, boat parts, etc..