Yacht Charter Sailing Vacations

NauticEd can help you qualify to charter a sailboat on a yacht charter sailing vacation. Then we can help you select where to go and select the best charter company that matches your needs.


> Qualify to Charter a Yacht
on a Sailing Vacation

Qualify to Charter a Sailboat
Qualifying to charter a yacht is not automatic. It depends on your theory knowledge and your practical experience. NauticEd can help you qualify by ...

> Bareboat Sailing
Required Resume

Sailing Certificate
The NauticEd Bareboat Yacht Charter Rank is based on prerequisite coursework and logged practical experience. It is relatively simple ...

> Consulting for Sailing Vacations and Sailing Holidays

NauticEd provides no cost consulting for sailing vacations. Well find the right location and yacht for you based on your desires and experience. Make a reservation through us and you'll get a free ...

> Understand The NauticEd
Sailing Resume

Sailing Certification
The NauticEd Sailing Resume has been specifically designed to give a true indication of the student's sailing knowledge AND practical abilities. It is the only worldwide ...

> NauticEd Bareboat Charter

Bareboat Charter Sailing Course
The Bareboat Charter Course is one of NauticEd's most popular courses due to the hundreds of essential safety and vacation saving tips and how to's. Have more fun and ...

> NauticEd Catamaran Sailing Confidence Course

If you're taking a catamaran for the first or second time on a yacht charter sailing vacation, then take this catamaran sailing confidence course. There are a few things you need to know like ...

> Chartering in the
British Virgin Islands

Chartering in the British Virgin Islands
Save standing around time at the BVI yacht charter base by taking the British Virgin Islands Fast Check Out Chart Briefing. Available as a NauticEd Course and NOW on iPad. When you take the course in advance you can ...

> Become an Affiliated
Charter Company

Yacht Charter Companies
The world's largest yacht charter companies work closely with NauticEd because our students are more knowledgeable and come with a recognized sailing resume. We can help increase ...

> Charter Companies Affiliated
with NauticEd

Chartering in the British Virgin Islands
NauticEd works closely with the world's top charter companies. Through them, the requirements for the Bareboat Charter Master Rank were developed. View our affiliated yacht charter companies here.

> The International Certificate of Competence

Chartering in the British Virgin Islands
NauticEd is an authorized RYA Training Center able to issue the RYA Day Skipper theory course and exam online. Via this and our affiliated RYA Training Centers, you can attain the world's only international sailing license - the ICC.