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Here is an excellent question from a student with our answer. It is in regards to entering Master of the vessel time into his NauticEd online sailing logbook.


My name is Ben , and I am a NauticEd Member. I am quite fond of the program and think it is a wonderful tool for new sailors like me.

I do have one suggestion regarding the NauticEd Logbook however. Currently, you can only enter experience as master of the vessel or as crew. In my situation, I often find myself standing solo watches while sailing; while not master of the vessel, I am acting in a greater capacity than simple crew. I would suggest that you add a “watchstander” option for your logbook system so that sailors like me who aren’t often the final authority on board, but are acting in that capacity for 4 hours or more.

Thanks for your time, and keep up the good work.

Ben C
NauticEd Member


Our reply

Ben thanks for your excellent suggestion. I get what you are saying – there is a level of responsibility in Watchleader.

We’d have to think about how to incorporate this level of granularity into our online sailing logbook. In regards to the capacity of crew however it is worth still a full day so long as there is sufficient master time to match. e.g. if you have 10 days as master then you can earn all 10 crew days (if logged) towards level promotion. The only time crew days don’t really count is when there is a gross imbalance.

When working with charter companies they were very insistent on master of the vessel time and how important that was. We did put some provisions in there for instructor supervised time to short cut to level 1.

We’ll keep thinking as we always work to improve the whole concept. We also allow students to use seamanship discretion when deciding who was master of the vessel. e.g. when a student goes out with a friend and asks the friend that he needs master time – he can ask his friend “can he be designated today as master?” That kind of thing counts I believe and is valuable time.



Sailing Resume – Logbook

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Here is a question posted by Nancy KnudsenEditor Sail-World Cruising. Sail-world is one of the largest and respected online sailing news companies ( to NauticEd this week. Followed by our answer.

On 1/16/10 6:47 PM, “Nancy Knudsen Cruising Editor Sail-World” <> wrote:

Hi Grant
I have a question about the sailing certification video you have sent me.   The practical experience that is mentioned in the video.  For a sailor not within practical distance of your facilities, how does this happen.  Do you take the word of the sailor that they have completed this? – or what happens.

As my readership is international, this is a very important point for me.  (I understand that if it is an honour system then the ‘verification’ process at the end would make up for this)

Nancy Knudsen
Sail-World Cruising

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This is NauticEd’s response


Yes  – as with all charter company resumes – it is the honor system. It is completely impossible to verify time. Additionally the United States Coast Guard accepts the honor system for the USCG Commercial Captains license as do most other country licenses.

What I’ve been able to do is to also back this up with a Proficiency Verification by a NauticEd affiliated sailing school. Right now we are encouraging schools to be affiliated with us because there are a ton of “students” (we are all students) out there who don’t see the value in taking a basic course if they are already past that point. Thus the entire sailing school network is missing out on touching many students. With the verification check out, schools now can actually add this to their income stream thus it’s a big incentive for them to align. Students benefit by solidifying their resume to charter companies and by picking up a few professional tips along the way.

The technology is simple but clever. When an instructor is finished verifying a student’s proficiency, he or she simple logs into the site and clicks the verification button against the student. Before the student can get home, their certificate is updated with the Verification stamp.

We’re making it pretty simple for a school to sign up with us. They must be an established school with a website and have commercially legal instructors and follow our standard when performing a verification. A new system that we will implement shortly is a way for students to publicly rate the experience with the school on-line on our site. This ensures the school is providing an excellent learning experience for the students else they may get a bad rating. This I think is essential for the growth of the industry – no one in the sailing industry wants a single student to have a bad/boring/unprofessional initiation experience to sailing.

So to answer you question specifically – we plan on expanding our verification-training schools. However even with out a verification the honor system for building a resume is fine. Whats’ exciting to us is our sailing iPhone app which makes it easy for a student to update their resume on the dock in 2 clicks.

If you have any more questions please let me know.


Grant Headifen
Ph 512-696-1070

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