Navigation Rules Hybrid Paper/eBook

If you think this is pretty cool  please LIKE it on facebook or g+1 Learn the Rules of the Nautical Road in the most high-tech/low-tech manner possible. Huh? We’re excited to release our new first hybrid paper/eBook 92 pages long in full color. It’s a real paper book that comes alive with video and animations. […]

NauticEd Reviews

At NauticEd Sailing School we’ve been collecting student reviews on our sailing courses few quite some time now and we’ve got to say a big thank-you to our students for submitting them all. It’s been awesome to see all the NauticEd reviews come in. By and large most all of the NauticEd reviews on our […]

Yacht Club Intelligence: NauticEd Sailing School Press Release

Imagine if you could just hang out at the yacht club every day – how much you’d learn from everyone. That’d be cool. Well … now you can! It’s a very cool piece of technology we just installed on the NauticEd site. It’s called DisQus and the concept is based on crowd intelligence. It shows […]

NauticEd Launches New Sailing Course: Anchoring a Sailboat

PRESS RELEASE: NauticEd Launches New Sailing Course: Anchoring a Sailboat Today NauticEd released another sailing course: Anchoring a Sailboat. The sailing course focuses on knowledge required to effectively and successfully anchor a sailboat. Captain’s Alex and Daria Blackwell, authors of The Art of Anchoring, wrote the NauticEd specific sailing course. The sailing course consists of […]