Captains License

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Captain’s License

Here is the latest list of courses associated with the NauticEd Captain’s License. Keep in mind that you must log a minimum of 50 days on the water – 25 of which at minimum must be as master of the vessel and 25 of which must be on a sailboat greater than 28 feet.

There is no other eLearning Captain’s sailing license that is as extensive in knowledge. The total investment in all of these certificate courses is just $us307 – an incredible value.

This license as with the NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Certificate is recognized by yacht charter companies worldwide as having attained enough knowledge and experience to charter a yacht. Is it not a commercial sailing license. If you plan on commercially operating a vessel you must gain a country specific license for general operations of a vessel. In that case the country specific license will not require such extensive knowledge of sailing vessel operations.  Thus if you’re looking for a home to gain proper education regarding operating a sailing vessel and recognition, it does not get any better than the NauticEd Captain’s License.

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Earn your USCG Captain’s License with NauticEd

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NauticEd announces some pretty exciting news today regarding gaining your USCG Captain’s Licence. We have made a partnership alliance with Mariners Learning System to allow NauticEd Students gain a United States Coast Guard Commercial Captain’s License.

Why would you want a USCG Captains License?

Simply stated: If you are ever planning on receiving remuneration for operating your vessel in the United States waters, you must obtain a Commercial Captains License.

The Captain’s License is often referred to OUPV (Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessels) or 6-pac license meaning you’re authorized to carry up to 6 passengers.

The USCG Captain’s License does not necessarily contain any specific sailing education but is very much related to boating and boating safety. There is a sailing endorsement that can optionally be attached to the captain’s license but the information and test is very basic.

How does the USCG Captain’s License compare to the NauticEd Captain’s Rank?

The two are designed for completely different purposes. The USCG Captain’s License allows you to gain valuable boating safety information and legally authorize you to captain a boat in commercial situations.

The NauticEd Captain Rank is NOT a commercial boating license – rather it is a recognition that you have studied and passed extensive courses relating to operation and safety of a sailboat and that you have practical boating experience to back it up as indicated by the levels  awarded, Level I, II or III.

What are the requirements of each?

USCG Captain’s License:

  • 360 days of any type of boating experience logged (4 hours counts as a day)
  • US Citizen
  • Security Background Check
  • Approx 40 hours of study plus 4 hours of exams
  • Total costs involved about $1500 including security checks study materials etc
  • Acceptance: United States Government plus Bareboat Charter Companies world wide
  • Can legally make money with your boating services

NauticEd Captain’s Rank

  • minimum of:
    • 50 days of Sailing Experience (4 hours counts as a day) for level I
    • 100 days for Level II
    • 200 days for Level III
    • 50% of which must be skipper of the vessel
    • 50% of which must be on a sailboat greater than 28 ft
  • Approx 55 hours of study incl 10 hours tests
  • Total costs – about $300
  • Acceptance: Bareboat Charter Companies world wide
  • Can not offer your skippering services for remuneration

Can the License and Rank work in Unison?

Yes absolutely. If you’re intending on offering skippering services on a sailboat we’d recommend doing both the USCG Captain’s License for boating safety and legal reasons plus the NauticEd Captain’s Rank for extensive sailing and boating operations.

If you’re just going to be operating a power boat we recommend Mariners Learning System for attaining your USCG Captain’s License.


More about Mariners Learning System

Mariners Learning System™ Suite of Coast Guard approved Online Captain’s Licensing courses offer an alternative to the regular testing process held at the USCG Regional Exam Centers. Over the years Mariners Learning System™ has trained thousands of students to get their Captain’s License. Our clients currently enjoy a 98.7% pass rate with our Coast Guard Approved Licensing programs.

We enjoy this high level of success because our curriculum is based on teaching understanding not memorization.

Mariners Learning System™ is an extraordinary learning tool that incorporates broadcast quality, on-demand audio lectures, professionally produced training videos, and integrated online computer based training. Included with each Mariners Learning System™ approved course is 24/7 access to our online instructors. Every instructor is a USCG Licensed Master that has gone through a rigorous approval process meeting the standards of the United States Coast Guard to become a certified instructor. They bring a level of knowledge, experience, and professionalism that adds to the total learning process. In the rare event that an online instructor cannot answer your question, toll free telephone support with one of our Staff Instructors will be provided.

Upon successful completion of your course simply submit, within one year, your application package to a Coast Guard Regional Exam Center. Upon their review and approval of your package, they will issue you an original Captain’s License.


Mariners Learning System™ Coast Guard approved Online Captain’s Licensing courses offer an alternative to the regular testing process held at the USCG Regional Exam Centers. These courses are structured for those pursuing a professional career in commercial boating operations (including carrying passengers for hire) and for recreational boaters wishing to increase their knowledge and skills.