Spinnaker Sailing Course

Coming soon we will be upgrading the NauticEd Sail Trim course to include how to hoist, fly, and douse a spinnaker. In the meantime here is an animation embedded into the course so that you can learn the names of the components associated with a spinnaker. Hover over each of the letters. The name of the item […]

Americas Cup 2021

For sure the NauticEd team will be in New Zealand 2021 watching the Americas Cup. This is set to be another technology race. Hydrofoiling Monohulls – cool! The idea is to combine speed with sailing skill via tacking duels; making this one of the most exciting races ever. Watch the simulated race here Speaking of tacking […]

Lines of Position

Lines of Position – Problem You take the following bearings using a hand bearing compass. From the image below, identify the lighthouse, the marina, the monument and the boat. For this exercise assume zero variation (angle difference between magnetic north and true north). This is an exercise presented in the NauticEd Coastal Navigation course.  The […]

2018 July Italian Flotilla

NauticEd is Hosting an Italian Flotilla in July 2018 This is a preannouncement notice of our intention. The flotilla is probably going to be in the Naples/Procida/Salerno area and probably in July 2018. We’ll do a fleet admiral boat with Grant Headifen (NauticEd Global Director of Education) as self-appointed fleet admiral plus a max of 5 other […]

New RYA School in the Grenadines

NauticEd is very excited to start working with Sail Grenadines, a yacht charter company, and RYA sailing school located in Bequia Island in the Grenadines. We first met Katie the owner of Sail Grenadines at the Annapolis boat show along with her chief RYA instructor John. John is a hip cool kind of guy who […]

Sailing Vacation Locations in Greece

Unsure where you should go in Greece? It was all Greek to me until I put this map together. Greece – a charter’s dream. Crystal clear Mediterranean waters. Islands abound. The birthplace of Western civilization.   History, culture, islands, beauty, arts, and food. Greece features an enormous number of islands. These islands are traditionally grouped in […]

International Sailing License

PRESS RELEASE: NauticEd Announces Sailing License and Credentials (SLC™), the International Sailing License.   NauticEd announced its newly approved International Sailing License, the SLC™, at the October 2017 Annapolis boat show.  SLC stands for Sailing License and Credentials. Grant Headifen, Global Director of Education for NauticEd, said that they have put high standards on attaining the […]