Great Skipper Course!

Posted by jeff k on December 22, 2008 under Skipper | Be the First to Comment

I have been sailing with friends over the past several years and decided that I want to get a lot more serious about learning about sailing.  While I’ve picked up a lot bits and pieces as a “deckie”,  I had very little knowledge of sailing beyond  my topside duties.

The NauticEd skipper course was exactly what I needed to gain conceptual and technical knowledge of skippering a sailboat. The course was comprehensive, easy to understand, and covered a very broad range of topics at an appropriate level including on board systems, rules of the water, safety, sailing, navigation, emergency procedures, and others.I also plan to take additional NauticEd courses…Maneuvering under Power most likely.

I’m anxious to get back out there and put all of what I learned into practice, so that I can continue building my actual sailing skills, and perhaps own my own boat in the future :-)

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