2018 July Italian Flotilla

NauticEd is Hosting an Italian Flotilla in July 2018

This is a preannouncement notice of our intention.

The flotilla is probably going to be in the Naples/Procida/Salerno area and probably in July 2018. We’ll do a fleet admiral boat with Grant Headifen (NauticEd Global Director of Education) as self-appointed fleet admiral plus a max of 5 other boats.

Send us a note to let us know your preliminary interest in joining – we’ll do it on a first come first option basis. Skippers are responsible for filling their own boat with their friends and family. We’ll also keep a list of individuals/couples who want to come but don’t have a skipper or can’t fill a boat; we will use this list to either fill a boat with cabin charters or to help fill other boats in need of a few more to fill up the boat.

We will take care of booking all the boats, but when you contact us, let us know what type/size of boat (or cabin) you desire.

Sailing License Requirements – you need the NauticEd SLC or an ICC

Lots more information to come.

Did you read our Sicily post from this past summer?

Amalfi Coast Area
Amalfi Coast Area





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