Purchase of RYA Day Skipper Course

Charts, Books, Electronic Navigation CD are included
Purchase the Portland Plotter and Dividers $40

Purchase the theory only for this course for the getting started price of $155. You will need to upgrade later for the difference of $195 for accreditation with RYA. You will not be assigned an instructor to grade your tests nor will you be able to apply this to the international RYA Day Skipper Certification nor the International Certificate of Competence. However, you can upgrade later at anytime. If you purchase the full package now for $350, we will include a free Portland plotter and dividers into your pack.

The RYA Day Skipper theory Course is similar in content to the NauticEd Skipper course and Coastal Navigation course combined and thus when you pass this course you are given automatic accreditation for these which contributes to your NauticEd Ranks.

Pack includes Charts, Books, Electronic Navigation CD.

Why the extra cost for the full pack? We must assign an instructor to manually grade the test and we must pay the fees associated to gain the RYA Certificate.

See the post - RYA Day Skipper with NauticEd for more info

Charts, Books, Electronic Navigation CD are included
Purchase the Portland Plotter and Dividers are included

You will be assigned an instructor who will manually grade your test and give you feedback. Upon passing you will be awarded the RYA Day Skipper theory passed certificate. Then upon passing the practical training portion at an approved RYA training center you will be awarded the internationally accepted RYA DAY Skipper Certificate and can subsequently apply for the International Certificate of Competence recognized by United Nations under Resolution 40 (required for sailing in Europe)

Pack includes Charts, Books, Portland Plotter, Dividers, Electronic Navigation CD.

Once passed, you can show up at any of our 500 affiliated RYA approved practical training centers worldwide to complete the practical training and final assessment.