Sailing Lessons - Your Personal Calculator

Answer the few questions below about your habitual sailing habit and NED will help you decide which sailing lessons you should take.

1. Which is more true?
2. Do you hold a sailing certification more advanced than a basic keel boat certification that was completed with in the last 5 years?
3. How much experience skippering a sailboat to you have (each day is a minimum of 4 hours) in the last 5 years
4. Would you like to be skipper on a sailing vacation to a Mediterranean, Caribbean, or Pacific destination?
5. How would you rate your Catamaran Skippering or crewing ability?
6. How confident are you regarding your coastal charting navigation abilities?
7. Are you confident in your ability to handle large waves in a storm?
8. Do you plan on sailing offshore out of the sight of land either as crew or skipper?
9. Are you confident that you can trim ALL the sail controls to their optimum?
10. Regarding Celestial Navigation

Based on your answers above - we recommend that you should invest in the following sailing lessons

Answer all questions please


All NauticEd sailing lessons are backed by our NauticEd guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied by the edcuation we provide then just ask for your money back.

Sailing Lessons Guarantee