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Posted 2015, Sep 13 12:02
is there a way to calculate or is this a best guess?
Posted 2016, Oct 28 16:10
how does one go about setting two anchors off the bow.. especially in heavy conditions (I presume rowing a separate anchor out in a dinghy wouldn't exactly be fun). In practical execution would you set one and then let more rode out so you can go to the point where you may want to set the other. Also in setting both anchors the 4-6 scope for each is advisable I presume?
Posted 2016, Nov 02 05:27
The reading says that the rode between two anchors should be at least the length of the boat. However later it says that you let the secondary anchor down to the bottom and then pay out the road until the primary anchor is reached. So does this mean that the rode between the anchors also be at least the depth of the water?
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