advantages of boat sharing

  • Get more time on your existing shared boat
  • Monetize your boat more with out loosing time on your boat
  • Simplify the sharing process
  • Formalize the sharing agreement to prevent partnership fall out issues
  • Turnkey system to collect friends and buy a boat together
  • Start your own business


Download the sharing rules document


features of boat sharing

  • Share up to 5 members per boat;
  • Book single time slots or long blocks of time
  • Book up to a year in advance
  • Swap reservations with other boat members
  • Add yourself to a wait list
  • Add/delete members on your boat
  • Email notifications and alerts
  • Reservations are self selected
  • Time is equally allocated but self selected amongst all members
  • Get extra free reservations on short notice
  • Cancel and rebook with out penalty
  • Configurable to best suit your usage patterns
  • Hogging is prevented
  • Boating is encouraged

Grant HeadifenHi, I'm Grant Headifen Educational Director of NauticEd. I've been designing and implementing shared boat systems and software for over 10 years now. I've founded some of the world's largest and the world's best managed shared boat companies and I designed their software so I know a thing or two. I know what it takes to share a boat. I know the potential issues. I know the benefits. And I know what works and what doesn't work.

Now, through NauticEd - I'm offering my Large Scale Enterprise Software to the everyday boat user. Why? Because at NauticEd we're turning the industry upside down and making boating and boating education available to everyone.

At NauticEd, students constantly ask us how they can gain experience on a boat. We still think one of the best ways is to join your local yacht club and we've written several blogs on that topic. But at the same time, it makes all the sense in the world to share a boat. And so we've created myBoat™ - an internet based software system to equitably share and maximize time usage on a boat. And we've tied it back into NauticEd education so that you know all your boat partners are properly trained.

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myBoat is The World's Most Advanced Online Boat Sharing System. How? Because it's backed by real user experiences.

With myBoat,  rather than sharing the same percentage time on the boat as the number of people sharing the boat, an Internet managed sharing system can open up almost 90% of the boat time to you. For example, I've seen boat share systems amongst 4 people that give each person a week per month. That's 25% of the cost for 25% of the time. When you implement an Internet sharing system you can pay 25% of the cost but have access to almost all of the time. Now that's the ticket!

Plus, if you're not already sharing your own boat, you can vastly reduce the operating costs by adding a few responsible members to your boat and perhaps even make a profit. Hey what the heck - why not even start you own business using our turnkey system. Other companies are and paying over $1000 per month for software I designed over ten years ago. LOL. And I've even priced the software so that you only pay as you grow.

Thinking about buying a junker to get started in boating? Why not pay less and get a brand new Beneteau sailboat. With our Beneteau Shared Purchase program, you could be sailing a new Beneteau sailboat this season for less than a old junker.

Let's face it - people have been sharing boats for thousands of years and even today a vast percentage of boats throughout the world are shared either informally or formally. It's not a new concept - what is new is making it seamless, myBoat™ boat partnership software does just that.

But wait there's more! When I was operating a professional boat sharing system, it took proper legal agreements that cost us tens of thousands by the maritime and corporate lawyers to put together. We're offering this agreement out to you for $149. It will keep your boat partnership humming along. It has entry strategies and exit strategies and all the what ifs. You'll get the editable version so you can modify to suit your needs.

So come aboard and setup your boat for myBoat™ sharing software now!

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